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How we help

Two Rags underwear is a product you can feel great wearing. Not only are there plenty of super comfortable, great designs to choose from, but every purchase makes a tangible difference to peoples' lives. Every underwear purchase means you’ll be giving a kit to a person in need, and supporting someone’s livelihood. 

Here’s how

  • Every underwear sold gives a sanitary kit to someone in need. Providing for a girl's basic needs means she can pursue opportunities like education and a career without stressing out each month. Plus, reusable pads mean we’re reducing landfill waste.
  • Our products sustain someone's livelihood. All our underwear and sanitary kits are made in India by ethical cooperatives who train displaced or disadvantaged communities in useful skills like sewing and embroidery. Our seamstresses benefit from fair and honest employment producing Two Rags underwear.
  • Full-circle process. Two Rags produces a positive economic feedback loop in our manufacturing process. Through our manufacturing partners, we sustain steady employment at ethical wages for our seamstresses, who produce our underwear and sanitary kits. When you purchase the underwear, a sanitary kit goes back to the community, improving feminine hygiene for a girl or woman nearby.

What we give

Our sanitary kits are eco-friendly and reusable after a quick wash and dry in the sun.

  • 5 pads per kit, enough to use with some spares
  • Pouch for discreet storage of soiled items
  • Thin pads to ensure quick drying
  • Quick-drying pad prevents leaks and stains


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